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At AppraiseNet every property is evaluated by a licensed appraiser not an automated valuation tool so you can be sure that our insight is reliable and accurate.

We provide quality appraisal reports for Estate & Financial planners, Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Credit Unions, Lenders and Real Estate Professionals. Our staff is dedicated to clear communication, fast turnaround times and accurate valuations.

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$75 – Value Insight Report – A desktop analysis that will give you a very accurate understanding of what you can expect a full appraisal to indicate. Determine your LTV’s, Qualify Your Clients Efficiently and Accurately. Ideal for Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents and home owners.

$175 – Short Form Desk Appraisal – A desktop valuation that Includes 3 to 5 comparables with analysis and adjustments.

$275 – Drive By Exterior Appraisal – A full exterior residential appraisal similar to a Lender 2055 report.

$375 – Full Interior and Exterior Appraisal Reports for Single Family Residences & Condominiums – Appraisals for Divorce, Estate, Bankruptcy, Bail Bond, Trusts & Probate, Investment.

$475 – Residential Investment Property – 2, 3 or 4 unit rental properties including Duplex, Triplex & Fourplex units.

$575 – Complex and High Value Homes – Ocean Front, Large Estates, Acreage.

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